Firehouse Theater is opening this weekend with My Way: a Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra. American Classic Piano has donated a grand piano for their use for the run of the show. If you love Frank or piano or just supporting local arts, please consider taking one evening to thoroughly enjoy yourself. This is a very intimate venue. I suspect you will go home feeling slightly guilty that you were so intimate with people you may never see again….not to mention “old blue eyes”.


[Contributed by Holly at American Classic Pianos]

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Rudy Grant & The Buffalo Riders at Trea Chapter 39 in Aurora Friday, January 23rd

This Friday Night at Trea Chapter 39 – Country BBQ Ribs & Rudy Grant & The Buffalo Riders. Music Go together like Love & Marriage. Dinner 5:30 til 7:30; Band plays 5:30 til 9:30. Only $8 bucks! Great dance floor and dance music. 15821 East Centretech Circle, Aurora, CO 80011,  303-340-3939. We want to see you there. You’re gonna love this place. If you are a pro music artist, let us know. We just might have you sing a song with the band!

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