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William “Robbie” Roberts! Due to COMBO changing website providers, we have to do some work to get our “Bios” back! But we’ll let you know more about Robbie soon. He did attend the COMBO meeting on Publishing: Opening Doors for Your Songs last Sunday night so it was great to actually meet Robbie!

Slawomir “Slavic” Mikowski and Christopher Moss also joined and we’ll add their bios as soon as we get them. And TIMKAT Entertainment, Inc. joined as a music supporter!

Tom West: Tom lives in Henderson, Colorado and is a manager, promoter, MC and DJ. For lots more information, check out his website at http://www.EmmCee.me .

Bio: Tom has been dancing since the age of 8. He has studied under some of the best in the business… The transition to the recording industry was a natural fit for Tom. His background in the entertainment industry has served him well. The contacts that he made over the years have been an asset to any project that he has taken on. He has learned key principles from the industry’s key players.

“The key to being successful is to always be learning and then always be applying. The major labels have backed off the business of developing artists — that responsibility has fallen to a great manager. Once that development has matured, then you need to have the right contacts,” says Tom.

Feel free to call Tom about your Development and Management needs: 720-233-3452 or e-mail Tom at Ellerecords@gmail.com

Tom currently manages the band “Playing The Saint”, and solo artist Sydney Rose. He is also an MC and a DJ and has been performing for over 10 years all over the country.

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